Find Out if Danger Hides in Your Glastonbury, Manchester, Vernon, or South Windsor, CT Home

Protect your family with radon testing services

Radon is a natural element that comes from the decay of uranium in the soil. It's a colorless, odorless gas that's undetectable without a proper inspection. Since it's the second-highest cause of lung cancer in the United States, radon testing is an important part of making sure your Glastonbury, Manchester, Vernon, or South Windsor, CT home is safe.

Clear Code Home Inspections can perform a radon gas inspection for your current home or a property you're trying to buy. If there are unhealthy radon levels, you can renegotiate your offer or ask the seller to pay for mitigation.

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How the radon testing process works

Since the composition of the soil and air is always changing, a thorough radon gas inspection requires consistent monitoring for some time. During a test, we will:

  • Set up testing equipment in your home
  • Measure the rate of radon decay for at least 48 hours
  • Graph the radon levels throughout the test to see if they're within EPA standards
If there's an unhealthy amount of radon, we'll recommend an effective radon mitigation system to pump radon gas out of the house. Keep your family safe with radon testing in Glastonbury, Manchester, Vernon, or South Windsor, Connecticut.